Case Study - Vincenzo Sospiri Racing Team

VSR Team supported by Lamborghini Squadra Corse

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Advantages for VSR:

Brand prestige and Leadership

Digital Certification

New Economic Opportunities

New Business Models


The Partnership with VSR

VSR (Vincenzo Sospiri Racing) team supported by Lamborghini Squadra Corsa is the first of its kind where corporate NFTs will be put to the test and where we are aiming to create a case study that will provide a real life example of how the technology is a game changer for the future.


Why have we partnered with VSR?

Creating a proof of concept and to test our technology

Supporting VSR in maintaining their position within the world of GT racing as a top team

To build further trust in the market and industry as a technology solutions provider

The first tests by partners start in Q3 2022

Application dedicated to product safety. Authentication of the various car parts of the racing car and digital wallet

Blockchain Secured

authenticity of products


Partnership with the VSR Team supported by Lamborghini!

Go2NFT authenticates the various car parts of the racing car using the NFT-NFC technology.

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