A dedicated platform for the creation of NFTs to
serve as certificates of authenticity

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Person 1
Vincenzo Sospiri Vincenzo Sospiri Racing

We are excited to pilot with Go2NFT and the renowned team at Skey Network to build NFT certification across our cars and other products to ensure we maintain the very highest standards of quality and control.”

Person 2
Go2NFT Ambassador Karol Basz

“It is worth observing the project and its further development. For me, it is another adventure and the opportunity to prove myself as an ambassador of a unique project, which has never been in the world of motorsport before.“

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Go2NFT Platform
Customer Benefits

NFT 1 Correct

Certificate of Authenticity

Non-counterfeit certification of the authenticity of any physical product

NFT 2 Correct


Fewer counterfeits on the market

NFT 3 Correct


Cost reduction due to the lack of intermediaries. More profits

NFT 4 Correct


The NFT guarantees value by including information of the product itself (Model, Color, Serial Nr, Transaction History etc)

NFT 5 Correct

Trust in
the brand

Each physical item has its own unique certificate of authenticity (NFT)

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Technology / Features

Use technology that takes the utility of NFT
to the next level.

Corporate NFTs
for Business

Solutions to corporations in order to secure their products. Such products will significantly gain in terms of safety and resistance against forgery. The NFTs will sustain the residual values ​​of products.

Coming soon...
Skey network
Skey Network

Skey blockchain is currently the cheapest platform on the market that allows you to generate tens of thousands of unique NFTs at a very low price.

Individual NFT

Ability to test our platform and generate your own NFT for your stuff. Check how simple and effective it is.

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4Q 2021
  • business analysis of the project and process prototyping
  • technical analysis confirming the feasibility of the platform
  • preparation of technical documentation and demos of the client application
  • demo presentation of the project as a "potential buyer"
  • preparation for ICO and legal analysis of the issue of functional tokens
1Q 2022
  • ICO of the Go2NFT project
  • presentation of the App Go2NFT demos - Communities
  • marketing activities - The process of acquiring partners
2Q 2022
  • public test of the NFT Generator
  • "Generator is available on the Go2NFT website"
  • presentations and signing contracts for testing the NFT technology
  • NFT-NFC technology tests
  • preparation of a marketing campaign for the 3Q
JUNE 2022
  • project ICO change
  • presentation of the NFT-NFC technology
  • showing project partners and the application of NFT-NFC technology in 2 corporations
3Q 2022
  • entry to 1-2 CEX
  • running the DEX_Go2NFT tests
  • "Exchange for corporate and social tokens"
  • launch of the Corporate Platform tests for NFT-NFC tokens
  • marketing activities
  • building the value of the Go2NFT token
  • acquiring new corporate clients
4Q 2022
  • launching a bridge for NFT (Skey Network Chain) tokens to Etehereum and BNB Chain
  • launching of the DEX_Go2NFT Crypto Exchange
Kite Surfer

Go2NFT goes HIGHER!...
Stay Tuned!

Benefit 1 Connect

Connect NFTs to the real world

Benefit 2 Display

Display NFTs in real life by NFC technology

Benefit 3 Record

Use cryptographic tech to record metadata


Meet Our Team

Osoba 1

Radoslaw Krzycki

Radosław is the Founder and CEO of Skey Network and Go2NFT and has 20 years of experience within the field of maintenance MRO and aviation. He is the visionnaire behind the project and continues to develop the strategy and vision for the future.

Osoba 2

Herman Sadik

As the CTO of Skey Network and Go2NFT, Herman is a full stack developer and team leader with 15+ years of experience. He has created many projects in the aviation, electromobility, pharmaceutical and logistics industries. A major achievement to be acknowledged is the work done on the first implementation of blockchain technology in public administration in Poland.

Osoba 3

Kamila Gębik

Kamila is the author of the book: ,, BEAUTIFUL E-COMMERCE. How to sell fashion and beauty on the Internet? ,,. She has many year’s experience within sales & marketing and has worked and collaborated with organizations and brands such as Domodi / Holding Wirtualna Polska Group, Forbes, Decathlon, Calzedonia, Sephora and Victoria Secret. She currently is in the process of finalizing the second book "E-COMMERCE FUTURE for fashion and beauty" and was also recently nominated for the WOMEN E-COMMERCE 2022 title in the innovation category.

Osoba 3

Boris Ejsymont

Boris is a seasoned business development and sales professional with extensive experience working across multiple continents. With vast experience from the hospitality, luxury goods and sports industry, the mission of the CBO will be to lead the growth and business development efforts of this project and showcase its proof of concept with our current and future business partners.

Osoba 4

Skey Network
Developers Team

The team behind the NFT technology is the same team that built the Skey Network blockchain on which the project itself is built on. The team consists of 20 experienced developers and project managers with years of professional experience that are continuously developing and supporting the project on a full time basis.


Meet our
Partners & Ambassadors

Osoba 1

Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is a former UFC Champion and living martial arts legend that has created her own line of supplements named MyLabs. Go2NFT has partnered with Joanna to assist in the certification process of her products with the use of NFT technology.

Osoba 2

Malwina Baraniak

As one of the top female professionals in Europe, Malwina has been involved in kitesurfing since 2007. She has competed in numerous championships including the Big Air competitions and is also the owner of a kitesurfing school where she is teaching the next generation of champions.

Osoba 3

Karol Basz

He has been racing since the age of 8 and has become one of the top professional racing drivers to come out of Poland. He continues to achieve victories with racing in the GT series in Europe for Lamborghini and Audi with his interest in technology.

Osoba 4


We are partnering with SU-2 to create a unique series of limited edition kitesurfing boards that will be sold together with a unique NFT. We will assist in generating unique NFTs for these boards which will serve as certificates of authenticity and item value.

Osoba 5


VSR (Vincenzo Sospiri Racing) team supported by Lamborghini Squadra Corsa is the first of its kind where corporate NFTs will be put to the test and where we are aiming to create a case study that will provide a real life example of how the technology is a game changer for the future.